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My Best Friend (Mon Meilleur Ami)

6 March, 2008


This award winning French film (Mon Meilleur Ami 2006) is a delightful film about friendship: its’ nature, its’ implications and its’ costs. The plot involves Francois Coste’s (Daniel Auteuil) intense efforts to prove to his work colleague that he really does have a ‘best friend’. He doesn’t. So the story unfolds as Francois desperately tries to find someone to be his best friend. Simultaneously, he meets a taxi driver named Bruno Bouley ( superbly played by Dany Boon) who is competing for a Master Mind type title in a knowledge competition. Francois asks Bruno to teach him the ‘secrets’ of friendship: smiling, sociability and sincerity. Eventually, Francois realises that Bruno is the one person who really displays unconditional friendship. Without ruining the story, let me say that this comedy film touches on some vital aspects of friendship, relationships and values. The acting is top-notch and the inter-changes between Auteuil and Boon are outstanding. The ending is creative and thought-provoking. See it!

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