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Football, Tears and Keeping Perspective

27 May, 2008

I wanted to write something about Chelsea’s John Terry and his very public display after his side lost the recent Champions League final to Manchester United. The match was impressive — magisterial football played by both sides. Chelsea lost in a penalty shoot-out. It couldn’t have been closer!

It was heart-breaking, no doubt, for Terry and his team mates, along with all those who support Chelsea. Emotions are more than understandable: Terry takes football seriously in a country where football is more than sport; it is life.

At the same time, watching Terry fall apart and remain inconsolable for a remarkably long time, did start to raise some questions in my mind. Losing is very hard, but (and I know I’d be beaten up for saying this in many circles) it is only football. Surely, it is good to keep things in perspective, isn’t it? Or am I wrong?

Lo and behold, one writer puts his finger on the issue. See the article by sports writer John Nicholson in 0,17033,8746_3612316,00.html Moreover, take a look at the differing responses he received!

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