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CD of the Month

22 October, 2008

This month’s CD is actually two CDs.  Both of them are in what one might classify as jazz.  But, of course, this genre is hard to define with precision.

European Jazz Trio Norwegian Wood (Timeless)

European Jazz Trio Norwegian Wood (Timeless Records)

The European Jazz Trio, a group of Dutch musicians comprising Marc van Roon on Piano, Frans van der Hoeven on bass and Roy Dackus on drums has been recording and performing since 1995.  This CD offers their version of not only the Beatles’ “Norwegian Wood” but a number of other covers.  Don’t be put off, thinking it is a jazz trio playing pop songs (like some cocktail bar group or an up-scale wedding reception whilst everyone is drinking champers).  They infuse these songs with some of their own unique chordal insertions as well as with some fascinating syncopation.  Their individual music training and recording experience gives weight to their arrangements.  If you are new to jazz, and piano jazz trios for that matter, try listening to these guys!  See their web site

Patricia Barber Cafe Blue Premonition Records

Patricia Barber Cafe Blue Premonition Records

Patricia Barber was first introduced to me by a good friend, Bob Webb, who’s seen her live on several occasions.  Patricia Barber, vocalist and pianist, is nothing short of extraordinary.  If you like the music of Diana Krall (and I do) Barber is way more sophisticated, techincally more intriguing and vocally more varied.  Barber’s piano arrangements are fascinating: simultaneously soothing, puzzling and inviting.  Her vocals are mellow, playfull and thoughtful.  Make sure you are playing this CD on a good sound system — the production deserves full marks and your listening enjoyment will be all the better!

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