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Mars Hill Audio

24 October, 2008

Let me warmly and strongly recommend the audio resources of Mars Hill Audio.

It has nothing to do with Mark Driscoll and his ministry.  Likewise, it has nothing to do with Rob Bell. (I mention this only because both of these guys lead churches by the name of Mars Hill)  Instead, it is the enormously stimulating, thoughtful and articulate work of Ken Myers.  Myers, an experienced journalist with years of broadcasting and writing to his CV, combines cultural critiques, book reviews and interviews to bring in both podcast and MP3 download a superb resource.

The stated aim of Mars Hill Audio hits the nail on the head: “to produce creative audio resources that encourage Christians to grow in obedient wisdom concerning the cultural consequences of our duty to love God and neighbor.”

If you’re looking for the trite and cliched Christian response, well, give this site a huge miss. You will not like it.  On the other hand, if you’re gasping for something thoughtful, careful, reasonable, civil (have I made my point?) that seeks to understand, critique and respond to contemporary thought and practice, then you will love this resource.  Mind you, your list of “books I must read” will increase greatly!


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  1. justinmoffatt permalink

    I subscribe.

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