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CD of the Month

5 December, 2008

Once again, here is not one recommendation but two.  Like last month’s recommendations, both of these come within the category of jazz.

The first is an Italian jazz group called Dr Three.  These three guys (pianist, bass and drums) do a lot of cross over between popular style and jazz arrangements.  Maybe this is the way some of these jazz groups can gain a wider audience, I don’t know.  What is a joy to hear is the arrangements of songs and their sheer musical skill.

Doctor 3 Blue

Doctor 3 Blue

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The second CD is a delightful collection of songs by a French singer by the name of Yves Carini.  This CD is a collection on songs about Paris — Un Ete Parisien.  It is an upbeat collection.  Even with schoolboy French I can understand the lyrics (well, I think I understand them!). You may find this CD hard to find — I see that no longer distributes it because it is an import and, evidently, the supplier is no longer supplying.  But look around on line for French suppliers or some of the downloading sites (the legal ones!). Carini is a joy to listen to in terms of his range and interpretation of some songs you’ll probably recognise (e.g. Cole Porter’s “Let’s Fall In Love”).  Put this CD on whilst you’re cooking a nice meal and you’ll feel both inspired and transported to that great city, Paris!

Un Ete Parisien  Yves Carini

Un Ete Parisien Yves Carini

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