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What an astonishing world we live in …virtually

13 February, 2009

Here is an extraordinary story!  On Youtube a Canadian guy named Corey Vidal created an a cappella video  in which he lip-syncs something done earlier by Moosebutter, entitled “Return of the Star Wars Tribute”.  I managed to see the video on Facebook — it is amusing.


But Warner Brothers Music challenged the Facebook posting for music copyright reasons.  Now you can understand Warner Brothers’ concern.  I’m not sure what Moosebutter thinks.

But here’s the twist, and it is mind blowing. Vidal created a  counter-move: he used the Internet world to challenge the challenge.  How he managed the challenge is well worth a detailed account and someone should write a book.  It reveals that we really do live in an astonishing virtual and inter-connected world. Reportedly, this video is nominated for a People’s Choice Award.

Now, see the snowball effect (actually it is an avalanche!) of people and celebrities who joined in with this challenge to the challenge!  This is truly astonishing!

Now, certainly it is dodgy to infringe copyright laws (I hope I’ve not done it by this posting!).  But what makes this story utterly fascinating is the “cyber” or “Internet” dynamics.

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