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CD of the Month (March 09)

20 March, 2009

Returning once more to the jazz genre, here is a female vocalist well worth your listening!  The US jazz singer Melody Gardot’s latest release, My One and Only Thrill, is outstanding!

Melody Gardot, My One And Only Thrill

Melody Gardot, My One And Only Thrill

I first heard her via iTunes free download a few months ago.  As I tend to enjoy listening to female jazz singers I assumed I’d find Gardot interesting.  What I didn’t necessarily expect is the sheer exceptional quality of her voice.   She claims she’s not a jazz singer, which may mean that she doesn’t want to be limited to any one style.  I especially like the track entitled, “Baby I’m A Fool”.  There is a fascinating rendition of “Over the Rainbow” that incorporates a Brazilian rhythm.

What’s also intriguing about Gardot is her personal story.  Reportedly, she was struck by a car 8 years ago.  This terrible accident has left her needing to walk with a cane and she also frequently has to wear dark glasses.  Citing the Wikipedia site about her:

“There are many variables that make performing nearly impossible for the young songstress. Still in her early twenties, Melody Gardot carries a cane and must wear dark glasses. She often has a little black box tied to her waist; called a TENS unit, it is used to alleviate neuralgic pain/muscle pain. She sits on a specialized chair while performing, owing to pelvic fractures sustained in the accident. Her pelvis remains misaligned, and she also suffers from an autonomic nervous system dysfunction, causing hypersensitivity to noise and sound.”

Her story is one of determination along with a true musical gift.  She is a musician well worth watching (she is very pretty) and, in this CD, well worth listening to many times over (she is very, very talented).  See the following video clip of her from Amazon!  It is fascinating:


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