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CD of the Month (May 09)

17 May, 2009

Yeah, I know its been far too long since I posted anything but life sorta got in the way and, well, that’s the way things go.  But let me commend a CD I’ve been enjoying.

The Script by the Script (August 2008)

The Irish have come up with yet another impressive band! (Is it the Guinness, I ask?)  This CD is the debut album by an Irish trio called The Script.  See The Script

These lads have had some L.A. work done on their style — a style blending something Indie, something pop, something blues and something that’s their own — but they ain’t American at all.

I enjoy words and lyrics that are thoughtful and thought provoking — we have way, way too much contentless lyrics today.  The Script write songs that are drenched with meaning: meaning expressed in similies, questions and expressions of pain and frustration.  I especially like “We Cry”, “Talk You Down” and “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved”.  Listen to the music and read the lyrics!  These Dubliners know life and know what life can do.

Some reviews of this album complain the songs start to sound similar and when you’ve heard one song you’ve heard the others.  Point taken but only to a point.  I suspect this may have more to do with production than any artistic limitations.  Maybe they can have a drink and chat about their next productions with those certain other musicians from Ireland!


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  1. Thanks – have checked it out. Like it a lot. Shades of The Killers & Arcade Fire perhaps. But thoughtful nevertheless.
    keep the tips coming, Gavin

  2. andybeingachristian permalink

    Oof… and here we go our separate ways Mr McGrath. Having complimented your music tastes last time around I’m afraid I must disclose that The Script drive me to change the channel on my car stereo more than perhaps any other… that Breakeven song… I’m getting a little bit angry just thinking of the oh-so-clever lyrics over the bland Wishes-it-was-American Safe-for-Capital-Radio backing track… On the bright side, I did think of you when seeing Diana Krall on TV the other day – I’m sure she popped up in a couple of your CCB-era sermons?

  3. gavinmcgrath permalink

    Yeah, Andy, I take your point about The Script. I suspect this may have had something to do with their spending too much time in LA. Of course, they’re young and still probably trying to find their own ‘voice’.

    Now, Diana Krall! Well, what more can one say?

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