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CD of the Month (June 09)

4 June, 2009


U2’s latest work, No Line on the Horizon, kicks to touch the adage that “things tend to fall apart with age.”  Not these boys!  For almost 30 years these guys have been producing outstanding music (with significant help from Brian Eno, whom I wouldn’t mind producing my life!) and they get better and better with age (like fine wine).

Hard core U2 fans may shoot me down but I think this album is their best (followed in my opinion by Joshua Tree).  Of course, some of the reviews are puzzled and even dismissive.

Basically I think U2 splendly subverts all sorts of preconceived social consumer values and ideas.  There is a wonderful blend of the whimsical, the cheeky, the ‘rocker’, the ironic and, most impressively, the prophetic.


Musically, this album is tight and well put together.  There are some good basic rock along with added touches of ambient sounds and fascinating percussion.  I take it that a good deal of credit must go to Brian Eno and DannyLanois.

Bono’s lyrics, for me, are nothing short of magisterial.  For my money, I am blown away every time I listen to ‘Magnificent’ — ‘only love can leave such a mark‘. The multiple levels of meaning and address are wonderful.

‘Get On Your Boots’  and ‘Stand Up Comedy’ display U2’s brilliant subversiveness: here’s rock ‘n roll but within is a clarion call by way of its’ lyrics.

If you like U2, well, you’ve already purchased this album and you know why I’m commending this.  If you haven’t listen yet, do and share the music and lyrics with others.  U2 has once again found a resonance by intriguingly and willingly creating a dissonance with so much of our current trivia, brokenness and blindness.

It’s not that I believe in love, it’s love believes in me…


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  1. preach it brother

  2. andybeingachristian permalink

    Yeah this one I can get with… Really strong album – huge riffs and plenty of ideas. I’m not enough of a fan to know if it’s their best, but it’s their best I’m aware of!
    Incidentally, best albums of late have to be by Grizzly Bear, Phoenix and St. Vincent, if you’ll allow me to recommend back at you!

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