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Tim Keller on Faith and Politics

5 June, 2009

Thanks to fellow blogger, Phil Whittall, I was introduced to an interesting site called big think (  This site has tonnes of different video clips covering a vast number of different topics, including one section entitled ‘faith and beliefs’.  I was pleased to see some stuff by Tim Keller of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan.

For a variety of reasons, many, many people are really suspicious (frightened?) when Christians speak about politics, especially politics in the USA.  I think there have been some very good reasons for suspicion and fear (think particularly of the most recent years).  So many folk assume that if one is a Christian in the States this means one is Republican, and a certain type of Republican at that!  Truth is, this is probably more the result of  unfortunate rhetoric by some and caricature by others. Finding Christian voices that don’t speak about solely one issue or endorse only one political party/opinion is hard.

In this sense, Keller’s suggestions (and they are only suggestions in general) do sound refreshing.  Watch and listen to what he says — no matter what your country or political persuasion and whether you would call yourself a Christian or not.

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